Q When are you back in Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne.
A Because of the Global Pandemic these cities are on hold.

Q How can I best prepare?
A The best way to prepare is to trust in yourself, trust in me and the experience. Get out of your mind with questions. All will beautifully & sensually unfold. You will be very well taken care of. All of my clients say that I have surpassed their expectations. And that they have never received such powerful, sensual touch before.

Q I have had some massages by people claiming to be Tantric Massage therapists and was disappointed. It was just a crude rub and tug. I want something more intimate with connection and warmth – can you provide that?
A Yes I can. This is the real deal. I offer a true Tantric Experience with body, mind and soul. I know it’s a big call – but nobody can do what I can do here in Australia.

Q Does it matter how old I am or how big I am or my level of fitness?
A I welcome all ages and all shapes and sizes. Come just as you are.

Q Do you have shower facilities?
A  A bathroom with a shower is available before and after the session.  I insist on clients showering immediately before the massage.

Q Am I fully naked during the massage?
A We will both be fully naked during the massage.

Q What is included in the massage session?
A Full body massage. Intimate touch and tantric breathwork.  You will be fully guided and supported throughout the massage. The massage is also deeply remedial.

Q Can I touch you during the session?
A Your focus is to receive – some touch naturally occurs and is welcome – you feel free to express yourself and I will take care of the boundaries. Your job is to let me guide you.

Q What if I ejaculate early during the session?
A The massage will continue.

Q What if I don’t ejaculate?
A  Ejaculation is not the goal of a tantric massage. The focus is to draw energy from the life-force coursing around your body. If natural ejaculation occurs then great. If not then even better.

Q Is the service discreet and absolutely confidential?
A The service is 100% discreet and confidential.

Q Is it safe with regards to sexually transmitted diseases?
A 100% safe.

Q I am suffering from a heart condition and taking medication for it. Am I suitable for the massage?
A We will go at your pace and take things slow. You’re in good hands. Please disclose all serious medical conditions.

Q Can it help with premature ejaculation?
A Yes – a lot of the tantric work is about delaying and controlling ejaculation.

Q What if I have some injuries and health issues?
A Please disclose all health concerns immediately and we can work around them. Tantric massage is intrinsically healing.

To make a booking for the best gay massage in Byron Bay,
Please call/text me on +61 (0)401 44 44 40
or send an email …. info@tantricmassageman.com.


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