Illness and Tantric Touch

healing touchToday I received this email from a man who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. He has good and bad days. Muscle cramps and spasms. He has some uncontrollable shaking and sometimes his body ‘freezes’ on him.

You came to my home the other day and gave me a massage. I just wanted to thank you for the best massage experience I have ever had. I can’t put into words how it was so much better than any one has done before. Again thank you.

 As I’ve said before my specific way of giving Tantric Massage and touch has been described as exceptionally healing. Many clients have found that the intense relaxation achieved through the massage has relieved years of their back pain and shoulder aches. I believe that this particular client with Parkinson’s had a deeper relaxation, a deeper shift in his relationship with his own body, a place where his central nervous system and brain could ‘let go’ and trust. Often, people who are sick and getting older are deemed unlovable, some are even deemed untouchable. It is this nurturing acceptance of the body as it is – in sickness and in health that is so relaxing and so liberating.

We live in a world in which we have learned a false and very unhealthy ‘norm’. Readily available pornography sets this false standard. The sex is seamless. Undesirable angles and folds of fat or skin are edited out. We are left with a polished and impeccable standard both aesthetically and of course in technique.  It appears that these sex machines can go for hours. We aren’t told that the 30 minute sex scene took 3 days to shoot and light and then a full off-line editing process took place.

When my client with Parkinson’s told me he was ill and had body issues I quite naturally said to him, “I’m not massaging your body … I am massaging YOU!” This was a real shift in my own perception. Of course I know the art of tantric meditation and awareness of ‘loving what is’. But to really make the leap from massaging a body to actually massaging the person who just so happens to be in a body was hugely liberating for me.

It gave me a deeper understanding of what it is I do and why I am considered different to other massage therapists.  I want to give relief on all levels, conscious and subconscious. Receiving great feedback (especially when people can’t find the words) just proves to me that I’m on track. That my goal to fully experience the sensual and scintillating body without thought and language has been achieved.

I will end this blog the same way that I will end every blog by letting you know that your direct experience of tantric massage will surpass any description that mere words can evoke. However, I will try and keep you informed and curious so that you will trust yourself enough to make a booking with me.

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