Tantric Massage – What the hell is it?

Tantric Massage savours the ancient elements of body wisdom and healing combined with powerful erotic, sensual, remedial and sexual touch. Tantric Massage savours the ancient elements of body wisdom and healing combined with powerful erotic, sensual, remedial and sexual touch.

It is best to be guided in the process by someone who has a long and strong spiritual path. I know that sounds esoteric and ‘out there’. But if your masseur is not committed to their own work, their own personal and spiritual growth, there is a weakness in how they can support and hold you through this process. And it is a process, a beautiful learning. Actually, it’s a beautiful remembering. Your body knows how to heal and move through painful issues. And your body knows how to anchor and heal in positive direct experience.

If you think about it … sex by its nature is yogic. The positions (see Karma Sutra) are medicine. The breath is medicine. The emotional body is healing. We just have to remember how they all work together … in essence we have to TRUST our bodies. The throat and mouth are open. Long exhalations insure the blood is flowing and oxygenated. The inhalation takes care of itself. It’s far easier to breathe out. Every exhalation is a great letting go. A releasing of all the ‘stuff’ you no longer need. All the stuff that no longer serves you. And … you don’t have to know what it is in detail. The intention is enough. The massage is a huge intention …a ritual of opening the heart and giving yourself full permission to be in your body which is full of pleasure.

A full body massage from head to toe will activate your chakras and un-block your sexual energy. Some sexual energy flows too quickly in an addictive manner … this is then tempered into a place of deeper connection allowing a full body orgasm to unfurl. I use pressure points to reawaken your body’s sensitivity. But please note, as with all good, practitioners, I work differently with each client … depending on your needs, openness and receptivity. I will always hold you with the greatest respect.

The massage ebbs and flows … the energy rises and falls in a deliberate way. You get a chance to stay in your body, come out of your head and fully experience an aliveness that might just blow you away. Traditionally the massage is performed on a comfortable large sized bed / mattress. Both the masseur and the receiver are naked. Tantric massage can really help sex addicts learn how to make love again – to honour themselves and their partners. I promise an unforgettable experience.

I will end this blog the same way that I will end every blog by letting you know that your direct experience of tantric massage will surpass any description that mere words can evoke. However, I will try and keep you informed and curious so that you will trust yourself enough to make a booking with me.

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