Gay Tantric Massage Canberra Australia

“It’s hard to explain what happens in this powerful Tantric session with Paul. I experienced my body in a whole new way – multiple orgasms throughout my body. Paul’s intuition, strength and encouragement changed the way I think about touch, connection, sex and intimacy forever. I’m still smiling.”

“Best erotic experience of my whole life … Can’t wait to try these techniques on my partners! Paul was very handsome and strong and those blue eyes – amazing.  But more than that he made me feel sexual and attractive too.”

“I’m a straight guy but I have always been very sexual and a little curious. Paul made me feel so safe and I lost any inhibitions and shyness within the first 5 mins. I strongly believe, after this session, that most blokes haven’t got a clue when it comes to sex. Sure, I know how to fuck … but that never kept me or my partner satisfied.  Thanks Paul … I’ll be back!”

“I had forgotten how alive and sexual my body could feel. The most important part for me was feeling safe and able to express myself. Minute by minute I let go of old inhibitions that have haunted me my whole life.”

“I felt as if my life force was given some serious new voltage. The best part for me was re-claiming my heart and remembering how natural and nourishing it feels to make love. Giving myself permission to connect my heart and my dick and fully engage and enjoy my body was deeply satisfying. I felt both super relaxed and also really electric in my body.”

“It’s rare to find a strong, handsome and yet sensitive man. Paul is a sexy MF with great hands. I’ve been around the block but never had hands make me feel like that … It was like electricity running all over me …  this was hot and brilliant … thoroughly recommend Paul … Top bloke !”

“I had no idea what tantric massage was. Paul explained everything and made me feel so at ease. Before long I was in the flow and the rhythm … it was really an amazing experience. I will never have a ‘normal’ massage again. I did not know my body was so alive and sensitive. Orgasmic from start to finish and from head to toe. You must experience this … you’d be mad not to.”

“Outstanding tantric massage. A very safe environment for a wonderful experience. Don’t be put off by all the lousy rub and tugs you’ve had in the past … this is very different. He’s the real deal.”

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