This is Enough !!

Gay Tantric sensual and Erotic Massage is powerful. It heals and liberates. It breaks down inhibitions. It frees the soul, the body and the mind. It can change the way you fuck, have sex and make love.

During the gay tantric massage I often tell clients to use the mantra, “This is enough” ­— A technique to keep you in the moment. A mantra is a short statement that encapsulates a larger philosophy. The mantra becomes a part of the experience and a part of your life. It keeps you in the present moment.

Imagine if you were relaxed and fully in your feeling body, your erotic and sensual pleasure body, and you could stay so still that in every moment you could say, “This is enough”. It stops the mind racing towards a goal (normally ejaculation). It prolongs the pleasure and actually heightens the senses and therefore the pleasure.

Imagine that just staying in the body (out of the mind and thought patterns) can make sexual energy more potent and sexual multiple orgasms possible.

I recently massaged a client whom I had massaged a few months ago. He is getting on in years. He’s around eighty. He called me and introduced himself. He was in my contacts and his name came up on my phone. I remembered him – a real gentleman. He loved the tantric massage he had last time. But he proceeded to tell me that he was looking forward to this new experience. When I said that I thought we had met before he assured me we had not and that he had never had a gay tantric massage. He even joked and said he would remember if he had.

I assumed I had mixed up names and phone numbers and went to his hotel to meet him. Sure enough, it was the same sweet guy. He had no recollection of who I was. He was absolutely sure he had never had a massage from me, let alone a tantric massage. I realised that perhaps he was suffering from, let’s say, senior forgetfulness, and I went along with his reality.

And I was so surprised … in his reality this WAS brand new. Everything for him was as if for the first time. His response, his reaction, his gratitude … all coming from a place of never having been touched in this way before. I really don’t want to be flippant here and I am not negating the pain and trauma that can come with the mind and aging. However, I am using it as an example of what being present in the moment means. It means to experience everything as if it were brand new. And of course it always is. Never has this space or time existed. It’s the mind that gets in the way.

There is a great expression I once heard: “They say that when you get older you lose your mind … what they don’t tell you is that you won’t miss it very much!”

Of course this relates to all the negative aspects of the mind: stress, unnecessary worry, anxiety, rumination or negative thinking etc.

Sensual and erotic tantric massage releases the primal instincts. When guided through this process you’ll feel alive and your body will feel electric. When we are in the present moment we leave the past (often comparison) and we don’t go into the future (anticipation). We stay in the moment and we say … “This is enough.”

I will end this blog the same way that I will end every blog by letting you know that your direct experience of tantric massage will surpass any description that mere words can evoke. However, I will try and keep you informed and curious so that you will trust yourself enough to make a booking with me.





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